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BJP activists force Muslim men to chant “Jai Shriram”

lunch: A Muslim man is allegedly beaten by a Dhanbad BJP worker who was forced to lick his saliva and chant “Jai Shriram.” The man allegedly abused Prime Minister Narendra Modi and party President Jharkhand on Friday. Prime Minister Hemant Soren urged authorities to investigate the matter and take harsh action against the guilty.

The incident occurred during a BJP protest near the statue of Gandhi in Dhanbad against the revocation of security during Modi’s visit to Punjab. The Muslim man was reportedly a passerby and allegedly abused the Prime Minister and BJP Jharkhand President Deepak Prakash.

A video of the incident and a man seeking amnesty with his palms tightly shared were shared on Twitter.

Police said nothing about the man’s identity, but the tweet identified him as a Muslim.

Soren retweeted the link to the video and urged the criminal to act rigorously.

“Investigate the problem and take strict measures against the criminals. There is no hostile place in this state where people live in peace,” he said.

R Ramkumar, Dhanbad Police Chief (city), told PTI that “strict measures will be taken against guilty.”

Neither the victim nor the BJP leader have complained to the police about the incident until evening. The BJP is investigating the case and said that if someone was found, that person would be convicted.

Knarsarangi, a spokesman for the Jharkhand BJP, said: It’s not about any religion or political costume. This applies to all citizens of India. “

He said, “I certainly don’t approve what the man had to say about our state president, but it was reported to local police and beat him with his own saliva. Instead of licking, the law may have allowed it to go that way. “

Dhanbad MP PN Singh, MLA Raj Sinha, President Chandrashekhar Singh of the BJP district, and other senior leaders of the party attended Dana for two hours. Chandrashekhar Singh claimed that the man had been handed over to police to save him from the wrath of the party members there.

On December 22, the Jarkand State Parliament held a mob violence prevention and mob aimed at “effective protection” of people’s constitutional rights and the violence of violence in the state, which is notorious for its vigilance and justice. Lynch bill passed.

In November 2021, Rancho police arrested three Kashmiris merchants in the Dranda region on suspicion of having them chant “Jaishrilam” and “Pakistan Murdabad” in the capital.

https://www.siasat.com/jharkhand-bjp-activists-force-muslim-man-to-chant-jai-shriram-2254608/ BJP activists force Muslim men to chant “Jai Shriram”

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