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BJP government does not slaughter cattle: Adityanath

Ayodhya: UP Prime Minister Yogi Adityanas on Tuesday urged people to vote for people who “protect cattle, not kill them,” and his government will not allow cattle slaughter or damage to farmers’ crops. I swore.

For the election rally in Ayodhya and the subsequent election rally in Barabanki, the Prime Minister also promised farmers a monthly benefit of 900 rupees per cow by reshaping his government.

The Samajwadi Party claimed to have once powered the area based on the religion of the people who lived there, and he said at an election rally in Barabanki that the BJP government was working on the principle of inclusive growth.

During the SP administration, electricity also had “Mazhab” (religion), but now the government is working on the motto of “subcassors, subcabicers” (comprehensive growth), and electricity reaches people without discrimination. .. “

He argued that he would not allow the protection of cattle to be weakened, “our determination was not to slaughter cattle or damage farmers’ crops.

Adityanas reiterated his accusations that the Samajwadi Party government would withdraw the proceedings against terrorists, saying:

But when the BJP came to power in 2017, we abandoned farmers’ loans, closed illegal slaughterhouses, and worked for the safety of women, “he said.

In Ayodhya, the state was dominated by villains before 2017, but they were detained after the BJP government came to power, he said.

According to Aditinas, there have been no riots between his governments, Aditinas said.

Adityanas was working on a rally in Ayodhya in support of members of the Milkypur Preparatory Assembly and BJP candidates for the Bikapur seat.

Adityanas, who began his speech at RD Intercollegiate in Bikapur, obscured SP chief Achilleshyadaf, saying that “Babour” is no longer visiting Ayodhya Temple.

“We have all five seats in Ayodhya, 325 seats in the state, forming a strong government,” he said.

Later, regarding the rally in Inayat Nagar in Milkypur, he said that the whole world was looking at Ayodhya, which means Ayodhya.

“By next year, this magnificent temple will be ready. If Ayodhya is to be established as a big city, Uttar Pradesh needs a BJP dual engine government,” he said.

The state prime minister accused the former SP government of supporting the community and said it was previously powered by Eid and Muharram, but was cut off in the states Holi and Diwali.

A total of 61 parliamentary constituencies in 12 districts of Uttar Pradesh, including Ayodhya and Barabanki, will participate in the vote on February 27 in the fifth phase of the seven-stage election.

https://www.siasat.com/bjp-govt-will-not-let-cows-to-be-slaughtered-adityanath-2280499/ BJP government does not slaughter cattle: Adityanath

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