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BJP weaves a spider web in the Jat’s mind, hoping to stall the SP that spreads to the west of UP

Kursam Mustafa

By Kulsum Mustafa

It’s another of those weird political ironies that catches people’s attention. Rashtriya Lok Dal, the winner of the “only one seat” in the 2017 Uttar Pradesh parliamentary elections, is enthusiastically supported by the BJP, which has won 53 of the 58 seats in western Uttar Pradesh. Completely ignoring the fact that RLD chief Jayant Chaudhury has already formed an election alliance with the Samajwadi Party, BJP will not put Jayant on the team before the first phase of the February 10 vote. Continuing the ethical overture. These Jatland constituencies hold the key to the seven-stage parliamentary elections in Uttar Pradesh, the heart of the Hindi language.

These seats consist of a huge mass of farmers’ families suffering from the loss of life and money in the agitation of more than 14 months, which killed more than 700 farmers. Less efficient treatment by COVID-19 and the government is miserable and distressing in these 11 districts including Shamri, Muzaffarnagar, Meerut, Bagpat, Ghaziabad, Hapur, Gautam Buddha Nagar (Noida), Bulandshahr, Aligarh and Matura. I left. And Agra.

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In its final effort, the desperate BJP brings the Jat community closer here through efforts to polarize the old Hindus, which they believe will reduce the negative effects of the Muslim Gurjar voting bank in West Uttar Pradesh. I am doing my best to do this. The BJP knows that Jayanat and Achilles together can make this impossible, which is why they really want to break this alliance.
Therefore, BJP Union Interior Minister Amit Shah explained, seduced, cajored, and finally at least warned RLD Chief Jayant the pitfalls awaiting him in this alliance.

The party’s self-proclaimed Chanayakai, Shah, first played an emotional family card, and was the founder of Jayanat’s grandfather, the late Indian Prime Minister, Chaudhry Charan Singh, and his late father, RLD Chaudhry Ajit Singh. Talked about how he spent his connections with his family and parties, and how they shared concerns about the agricultural community.

In response, Jayant replied that he had already made a decision and was unlikely to fill the side like the four Annacoins.

Shah continued his efforts not to hesitate. He traveled through the alleys and paths of these constituencies, and how worried he was about the fate of the poor boy Jayant, who was adorned with a good boy’s certificate but set foot in the wrong house during a door-to-door visit. I didn’t forget to tell people and the media what I was doing, a poll partnership.

A wise politician, Shah sought to offend people in these constituencies by reminding them of the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots in which the Samajwadi Party came into power and allegedly supported the minority.

Last but not least, the BJP leader will warn and advise Jayant by telling him that he has joined a local party SP full of criminals who do not deserve his height. It was made. He also hinted at the appeasement of Islamic leaders who are rampant within the party. Shah warned that this epic alliance would break up on the day of the count itself. And when the BJP leader gave Jayant some kind of parental advice and warned that Azam Khan would replace him as soon as the election was over, the cherry blossoms came to the cake.

But do you think Shah and his party must first admit defeat for this situation to occur? Because everything is equal on the opposition bench.

After all, it’s only time to know how 58 constituencies will vote, but there’s one thing for sure. These include farmers’ upsets, BJP upsets, pandemics, social issues, and caste issues. The party cast a lot of votes. On the plus side, these are just the factors that helped surface the “humane” aspects of all of the 403 components of India’s most populous 22 Chlore state, not just these 58. That is.

https://www.siasat.com/bjp-weaves-cobwebs-in-jat-minds-in-hope-of-stalling-sp-spread-in-western-up-2266967/ BJP weaves a spider web in the Jat’s mind, hoping to stall the SP that spreads to the west of UP

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