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BJP’s pitch renaming Hyderabad shows that the party hasn’t learned lessons from Bengal

Prior to the 2021 parliamentary elections in West Bengal, most analysts staring at the mood of the masses knew that the Trinamool Congress in Mama Tabanerjee would be banished in Husting. They were pretty convinced of this. But as the campaign progressed, election analysts began to revise their ideas. This wasn’t surprising. The Bharatiya Janata Party campaign was based on their long-standing strategy of bypassing Durga, the Mahishasla Maldini, whose warrants are widespread in the hearts of the Bengali, and seeking a vote in the name of Rama.

This failure, which effectively appeals to voters, has made BJP fail in Husting. The Trinamool Congress, which had been in power for 10 years in West Bengal, showed a lot of rebellion against it and returned to power with a majority of seats.

From his experience in West Bengal, BJP does not seem to have learned anything about how to approach the new state. Scheduled for 2024, elections may still be far away in BJP’s new state, Telangana. But going by the signs, the Saffron party has already begun to fight for elections. The last two weeks saw many BJP leaders in the state. Leading by party leader JP Nadda, other leaders such as Assam’s Prime Minister Himanta Biswa Salma are campaigning in the state. Even newspaper reports suggest that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had a long telephone conversation with BJP Telangana President Bandi Sanjay Kumar on the Telangana issue. Modi stroked Bandy Sanjay Kumar. This clearly shows that he should continue “his good work”. This means effectively taking up the agenda of the party, which many consider to be “divided,” but BJP does not.

BJP recognizes that its history, as it is, could have good results in the state, according to sources. Prior to India’s independence, Hyderabad was governed by Nizam. This left an indelible impression on the city. Forty percent of Hyderabad’s population is Muslim, which is the only major city in a country with a very high proportion of Muslims. “Therefore, it is possible to run a campaign by opposition to Islamic rule,” says political analysts who prefer not to be identified. “Of course, it’s easier to carry out the pro-Islamic agenda, but it can either succeed in carrying out anti-Islamicism or implement a” disregard Islamic “policy.

RSS, the idealistic parent of BJP, refers to Hyderabad not as this name, but as Bhagyanagar, who claims it is the original name of the city. They argue that Hyderabad’s name should be returned to Baganagar in order to restore the original truth. By the way, in the charminar in the old town of Hyderabad, there is the Baguyamata Temple next to it. This is presented as the truth of the city named Baganagar from this temple. However, heritage activists claim that this is a story and make a copy of the Hyderabad version of the 1959 Hindu newspaper, which does not have such a photo of the temple adjacent to Charminer. This is presented as evidence of the fact that the ancient times of the temple are suspicious.

“It’s quite possible that the name change of Hyderabad as Bhagyanagar will be an election issue in the next election,” said heritage activists who worked diligently to protect Hyderabad’s name.Many people attended the Deccan Heritage Trust last week Press conference At this point, questions were raised about the name change of the city. They argued that the name change had a political purpose. Former Army officer Captain Panduranga Lady, who fought for the creation of Telangana, said the temple of Baguyamati was built in 1963. .. This is a shame, “he adds.

“There is another old story out there that is wrong. The city was known as Baganagar after Hyderabad’s founder Qutb Shah’s lover, Bagayamati,” said Said Inamourra Mangyul. say. He adds: However, this is incorrect because Hyderabad, which has a history of 500 years, has always been called Hyderabad. There was no old name. “

Fear has arisen over the past few months as BJP leaders like Amit Shah have promoted Baganagar and visited temples. The party’s new program in Uttar Pradesh, which renames many places for state elections, has raised temperatures in Hyderabad. Cities such as Allahabad (renamed Prayagraj), Moghulsarai (renamed Deendayal Upadhaya Nagar), and proposals to rename Aligarh have caused a lot of surprises in the state.

What will happen in the end? It remains a million dollar issue.

https://www.siasat.com/bjps-pitch-on-renaming-hyderabad-shows-party-has-learnt-no-lessons-from-bengal-2258522/ BJP’s pitch renaming Hyderabad shows that the party hasn’t learned lessons from Bengal

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