BKKBN tackles hygiene, family toilet issues with PK21 data

Jakarta (ANTARA)-The National Population and Family Planning Agency (BKKBN) uses the 2021 Family Data Collection (PK21) to access clean water and sanitation and toilets for families facing the risk of stunting. Trying to solve the problem of lack of.

“Water hygiene is a crucial factor in eradicating stunts. It starts with a clean environment,” said BKKBN Chief Hastowaldyo. Antara In Jakarta on Friday.

He emphasized that a slum environment with limited access to clean water and lack of adequate toilets could contribute 75% to stunting in children.

Given Indonesia’s large population, the government needs accurate, detailed and up-to-date data to protect families from standing.

According to Wardoyo, PK21 is a family at risk of having a stunted child, such as a pre-prosperous family, a poorly sanitized family who does not have access to clean water, a family who lives in an uninhabitable home, and maternity education. Useful for mapping families with few. ..

PK21 data covers nationwide the problems faced by all families at risk of stunting, such as living in slums or uninhabitable homes, poor hygiene, and having to defecate in open spaces. ..

“BKKBN already has a family name. We have data on areas where clean water is not available, areas without toilets, or areas where (people) do not have the habit of stooling in open spaces. With the Ministry of Public Enterprise and Housing (PUPR) We will work together to address this issue. “

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BKKBN will continue to monitor and coordinate PK21 data in collaboration with the Ministry of PUPR to ensure that all children grow healthy and live a comfortable life, tailored to the specific conditions of the field.

Wardoyo also asked the field family support team (TPK) to visit each family’s home on a regular basis and update the data regularly to prevent new stunting cases.

In addition, he advised local governments to use PK21 data wisely to solve local problems in an appropriate way.

PK21 is data from a BKKBN survey conducted simultaneously across Indonesia by data collection executives from April 1st to July 6th, 2021 as part of an effort to accelerate the reduction of stunting epidemics in Indonesia. Points to.

The number of families successfully surveyed was 68,478,139, representing 102% of the 66,828,571 families covered as of November 4, 2021, when data collection was successfully completed.

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