Blade-like spikes lined newly found dinosaur unearthed within the UK

An artist’s interpretation of what the newly described species Vectipelta barretti might have regarded like. (Picture credit score: ©Stu Pond)

Paleontologists within the U.Okay. have uncovered the stays of a never-before-seen armored dinosaur with blade-like spikes that protruded from the edges of its heavily-protected physique. 

The newly described species, named Vectipelta barretti, belongs to the suborder Ankylosauria — a gaggle of enormous herbivorous dinosaurs with 4 brief legs, broad and flattened our bodies, comparatively small heads and lengthy, generally club-like, tails. A majority of ankylosaurs, similar to Ankylosaurus, had been closely lined in spiky armor constituted of bony scales, generally known as osteoderms, to assist shield them from giant predators.

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