Bled Strategy Forum 2022 – Slovenia

This year’s Bled Strategy Forum (BSF), held from August 29 to 30, titled ‘The Rule of Power or the Force of Rule’, will discuss the impact of Russia’s aggression on Ukraine and the crisis of multilateralism. . Parallel to the main event, the Young Bled Strategic Forum (Young BSF) will also take place from August 26th to 29th in Ljubljana and Bled.

From 29-30 August, participants at the Bled Strategy Forum will seek answers to questions about the future of the multilateral order and its role within the European Union. The emergence of global crises (climate, economy, food, energy) and new hotspots of crises, and above all, Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and changes in the international order, have led to the international system formed after the termination of the United Nations. It shows that it was formed around World War II must change.

With the changes in the east-west and north-south axes, there was the problem of restructuring already established structures. The EU’s role is to strengthen its voice on the international stage, especially in light of the crisis in Ukraine, and to strengthen its own capacity to meet current and future challenges such as food and security crises.

Ms. Tanja Fajón, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Slovenia and organizer of this year’s Bled Strategy Forum, announced the title of this year’s Forum and the topic of discussion, stating: We are sure that you will inspire us, give us courage and motivation. ”

BSF Secretary General Peter Gurk emphasized: The path we take marks us and all future generations. In this regard, BSF provides a platform for candid exchange and research.
Answers to current and future problems. The main topic of the first day of the Bread Strategy Forum is to discuss the challenges facing the European Union and the region with European leaders, European Union High Representatives and European Foreign Ministers.

The second day of the Bled Strategy Forum will focus on the situation on the European periphery, Ukraine’s aid and reconstruction, and the impact of Russian aggression on Europe’s food and energy security and EU enlargement.

The talks will also touch on the future of the global economy, cooperation in the fight against climate change, challenges to the European security architecture, digitalization and cybersecurity. This year his BSF tourism panel will be devoted to discussing responses to the tourism and economic disruptions that are the result of the global crisis.

This year’s Young BSF will primarily focus on discussions about the future of democracy in light of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, and young people will have the opportunity to present their thoughts and conclusions at the Bled Strategy Forum. The Bled Strategic Forum (BSF) is the leading conference in Central and South-Eastern Europe and for 17 years has been an inclusive platform with a diverse structure of people from the fields of diplomacy, politics, economics, private and public sectors and academia. It is We meet to discuss important issues of the 21st century.

The purpose of BSF is to encourage participants to exchange ideas, debate and find innovative solutions to regional and global challenges. Bled Strategy Forum 2022 – Slovenia

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