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“Bliss and Paper”, a paradise for Kuwaiti book lovers

By Nawara Fattahova

Kuwait: Book lovers can enjoy reading at the cozy Bliss and Paper Bookstore in the heart of Kuwait City. Bliss and Paper at the Dasman Complex welcomes visitors daily from 8am to 10pm. This store opened in August 2021. BlissandPaper encourages reading, writing and recycling. “We were a non-profit organization for eight years. First in Bayt Lothan, then in Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah. Then we moved here to maintain the concept while maintaining a community bookstore. We’ve changed to a bookstore cafe, “owner Fager Ahmad told the Kuwait Times.

She has been collecting books since 2013. “There are currently about 11,000 books in this bookstore, excluding the ones in storage. About 5,000 books available here are also on display online. George Sale’s first English translation of the Holy Quran. And there are some rare books, such as Karsten Nieber’s book, which first mentioned the Quran’s name, “she said.

Fajer’s main goal is recycling. “All the books available here are recycled. People donated these books and received” credits “from us. They can use these credits to buy books, drinks, or snacks from us. All of our stores can be composted and recycled, “she said. “We are paying more for packaging to make sure our disposable products do not contain plastic. This includes straws and cups. Everything is zero plastic and zero waste. Nothing. I don’t throw it. Sometimes I make scrubs from coffee waste, “Fajer added.

Most of the books are in English and Arabic. “There are several books in foreign languages, but rarely like one or two. We also receive obsolete books, such as how to use Excel 2000, so we don’t accept them. Or recycle them by using those pages to create artwork. We also rejected some of the banned or offensive books. There are some vintage books that haven’t been published yet. It contains information about Kuwait in the 1950s or 1960s, but some books have never been printed in Kuwait, “Fajer explains.

“We have a special room for children as we focus on them and encourage them to read. We also have a meeting room for up to 6 people. Can also rent a place for book launches, book reviews and discussions, television interviews and photography, “Fajer emphasized. Some people just come to read. “We encourage reading and writing. On average, 30-40 people come on weekdays and about 200 people on weekends. Most people come in the evening. Most visitors come in this during the day. It comes from the building (Dasman Complex), “she concludes.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/bliss-and-paper-a-haven-for-book-lovers-in-kuwait/ “Bliss and Paper”, a paradise for Kuwaiti book lovers

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