Blockade of Shanghai: Access to restricted food and hospitals in parts of the city

Shanghai, May 11: According to BBC reports, Shanghai officials will further restrict access to food and hospitals in some parts of the city over the next few days as part of the toughest phase of the extended blockade.

Restrictions include allowing only government food delivery, not allowing residents to “go out” from the front door, and requiring approval from the authorities to access the hospital except in an emergency. included. Shanghai Blockade: A video showing people screaming through a window after being denied home for more than a week during the COVID-19 blockade in China.

BBC reports that neighbors of Covid-19 and others living nearby have also been detained in government quarantine facilities. Shanghai is currently in the seventh week of city-wide regulation.

Although the number of confirmed cases has dropped significantly from the peak, authorities have not yet achieved the goal of “social zero,” in which no cases have been reported outside the quarantine facility.

Despite stricter measures, Shanghai officials claim that people living in half the city’s districts are now free to leave their homes and roam, the report said. State media has shown a promotional video of a departure health worker who visits and takes pictures of the city’s landmarks together.

The BBC is already aware of some cases where residents are struggling to get emergency ambulances to arrive quickly, forcing some patients to use their own cars to go to the hospital. ..

Authorities have also stepped up measures for people living near positive cases, even if these close contacts are negative. The BBC reports that they are currently wiping out a large group of apartment buildings living on the same floor, or people living in the same building as those who tested positive.

Images have also appeared on social media, showing that the house is undergoing extreme disinfection. The spread of industrial-scale disinfection was an important tactic used by the authorities.

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