Blue Air wins Romania’s largest ever fine of € 2 million on a canceled flight – Romanian Journal

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The National Consumer Protection Agency (ANPC) has fined Blue Air € 2 million for canceling more than 11,000 flights between April 30, 2021 and April 30, 2022. We require the company to refund the customer within 10 days for all flights. For institutional press releases.

“”Following complaints filed by consumers, and as a result of media reactions, the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) implemented control measures with economic operator Blue Air Aviation SA in June 2022. .. More precisely, between 30.04. From 2021 to 30.04.2022, economists received 178,405 bookings with a total payment of 66,585,967.68 lei by consumers in 20 European Union member countries operated by the airlines being validated. The corresponding flight 11,289 has been cancelled. , Regularly, flights “ANPC says.

A special commission was established after being published in the official bulletin of the ANPC Presidential Decree, which specified the procedures to be followed in this case, in accordance with the provisions of the transfer of the European Omnibus Directive to national law. At the authority level to establish the necessary sanctions.

Given that deviations relate to both Romanian and EU consumers, according to the authorities, ANPC has sent a warning to the European Commission and ANPC response authorities through the Directorate General of Market Monitoring and Management and the European Union. .. At the European level, Member States may require verification of similar legal violations other than those complaining to ANPC, or measures have already been taken in the EU to ensure compliance with such Blue Air Aviation violations. If so.

ANPC is very vigilant for consumers and recommends that they cancel many flights in the past and avoid buying tickets from economic operators who have not respected their rights. With Blue Air’s notification, both Wizz Air and Ryanair have been alerted through the CPC network. This network also experienced many flight cancellations or delays during this period, without considering consumer rights. , Pay attention to the authorities. “”Businesses continue to draw the attention of ANPC, and the fulfillment of ordered measures, refunds of amounts, and suspension of false business practices will be verified by the Commissioner after the end of the 10 days stipulated by law. “ANPC encourages consumers to report the above situation, regardless of the registered airline.

In addition, consumers are warned that companies that collect non-refundable amounts from airlines if a flight is canceled will be charged for these services. Blue Air wins Romania’s largest ever fine of € 2 million on a canceled flight – Romanian Journal

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