Blue Santa is back at the Radisson Blu Hotel!

The beloved Bull Santa will be visiting the Radisson Blu Hotel again this year. As the Christmas month approaches, Larnaca joins the festive spirit!

He welcomes guests into a fairytale Christmas setting with free admission. The event kicks off on his December 11th, with a festive live rink, Christmas his hero, Blue Santa on his sleigh, and a parade of children!

This year’s extensive program includes a festive season filled with musical, dance and theater performances, educational activities such as Master Chef Jr. and fun-filled crafts, lots of play and fairy tales for children, contests and a wonderful Contains surprises.

The Blu Santa event at the Radisson Blu Hotel is the ideal destination for Christmas in Larnaca to spend unforgettable moments full of joy, love and beautiful quality time for the whole family ! Blue Santa is back at the Radisson Blu Hotel!

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