Body found after Syrian immigrants arrived in Cyprus

Cyprus officials found a human body in the sea on Thursday after a new group of Syrian immigrants said they had gone outboard when they arrived on the island by boat on the rocky northwestern Paphos coast.

Police said 44 Syrians (including two women and four children) were found wandering in the Peia area after a boat leaving the Cyprus waters was found before dawn on Thursday. Stated.

The immigrant told police that the man on the boat had it Got missing Before arriving at the shore.

Rescue operations have begun and a man’s body has been found in the water.

The Joint Rescue Coordination Center in Larnaca confirmed that they had placed an “unconscious man” off the coast of Lara Beach in Paphos.

Police officials said a helicopter search resulted in the discovery of the body of a young man, but the body has not yet been officially identified.

The missing immigrant was said to be a 24-year-old Syrian.

After being processed, immigrants are transferred to a reception center outside the capital Nicosia.

Police believe the Syrians were smuggled from Turkey and disembarked before the boat departed.

Immigrants leaving Turkey towards the coast of Cyprus have become a popular route for smugglers in recent years, helping to significantly increase asylum seekers.

Nicosia lobbyed Brussels for an “unbalanced” number Asylum seeker It receives, claiming that Turkey has created a new Mediterranean route to the island.

Cyprus is the first member state of the European Union to permanently host the European Union’s Office of Asylum to help Mediterranean islands cope with the proliferation of immigrants.

For the first time in February, asylum seekers increased by 636% annually in Cyprus, compared with an average increase of 85% in the EU, according to Eurostat data.

In Cyprus, 1805 new asylum applications were registered in February, compared to 245 new applications in February 2021 and 1385 (+ 30.3%) in January.

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