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BOEM is preparing a draft EA for future offshore wind

January 14, 2022

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The US Department of Marine Energy Management (BOEM) announced this week that it is preparing a draft Environmental Assessment (EA) to examine the impact of potential offshore wind leases in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

The area reviewed by EA includes approximately 30 million acres from just west of the Mississippi River to the Texas-Mexico border.

This is the same area where BOEM sought public opinion when it published its information and nomination call in the Federal Register on November 1, 2021. BOEM narrows the region based on the opinions of stakeholders and marine users before advancing the wind energy region. According to BOEM, it is the most suitable offshore location for wind energy development.

“The Gulf of Mexico is well-positioned to support the transition of renewable energy into the future, as much of the infrastructure that supports offshore wind development in the region already exists,” said BOEM Director. I am saying. Amanda Lefton.. “BOEM’s environmental assessment is important to ensure that development in the region is carried out responsibly and in a way that avoids, mitigates, or mitigates potential impacts on the ocean and marine users. It’s a step. “

BOEM is currently preparing a draft EA in the call area to meet the state’s future needs and opportunities as technology is developed for deeper waters and lower wind speeds. The EA Draft includes site characterization activities (ie, biological, archaeological, geological, and geophysical surveys and core samples) and site evaluation activities (ie, biological, archaeological, geological, and core samples) related to the potential for issuance of wind energy. Consider the potential environmental impact of (installing a weather buoy). According to BOEM, a lease in the Gulf of Mexico.

“If lease sales are accelerated prior to approving the construction of an offshore wind energy facility in the Gulf of Mexico, BOEM will consult with the tribe and the appropriate federal government to analyze the specific environmental impact of the proposed project. Create an environmental impact statement to do so with the participation of states, local agencies, and stakeholders and the general public. “

https://www.oedigital.com/news/493511-boem-preparing-draft-ea-for-future-offshore-wind-operations-in-gulf-of-mexico BOEM is preparing a draft EA for future offshore wind

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