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Photo: Anna Rožňová

The Bohemian Mountain Dog was born in Czechoslovakia in the late 1970s. At that time, there was growing interest in sleds, but the varieties available in the country were not at all suitable for that purpose.

The first puppy waste that was the result of a hybrid between Slovak Cuvac and Alaska was born in August 1977. In 1984, the Bohemian Mountain Dog was officially recognized as the original Czech breed.

Breeder Vladimira Ticha is famous for her sturdy body, large brown head and thick coat.

Photo: Anna Rožňová

“Usually there is a white and yellow or white and black coat, a very large and powerful dog. It is very devoted to its owner and it is an excellent guard dog.

“If you live in a remote area somewhere in the mountains and have this dog, you’ll be watching things so you don’t have to worry about robbery.”

Despite their large size, Bohemian Mountain Dogs are very affectionate and surprisingly good around children. Nevertheless, they require a lot of exercise and should ideally be stored outside all year round.

Photo: Anna Rožňová

Vladivostok Again:

Photo: Anna Rožňová

“It’s a very durable breed. I know the Giant Mountain postman once had it and the dog was carrying his mail for him.

“It’s a variety suitable for harsh environments, so I definitely don’t recommend it to anyone living in a heated apartment.”

Bohemian Mountain Dogs reached their heyday in the 1990s, but currently only about 200 of these dogs are registered in the Czech Republic.

Photo: Anna Rožňová

According to Vladimira Ticha, they are mainly kept as pets, but they are also used as avalanche rescue dogs, some of which have been trained for the original purpose of dog sledding.

“I was recently in the mountains with my husband sitting in a restaurant with pictures of Czech mountain dogs. The owner showed me a record of his expedition to Baikal with the Czech mountain dogs.

Photo: Anna Rožňová

“At 40 degrees below freezing, most of the breeds commonly used as sled dogs could hardly walk, but Czech mountain dogs left them all behind.”

Unlike most other Czech breeds, the Bohemian Mountain Dog is not recognized by the International Dog Federation and is little known outside the national border.

Nonetheless, there is a stable group of supporters who unite at the Bohemian Mountain Dog Club to hold regular exhibitions and competitions and promote this lesser-known original Czech breed. ..

Photo: Anna Rožňová Bohemian Mountain Dog | Radio Prague International

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