Bojnice Castle: Romantic Middle Ages and Palfi Reconstruction

Visitors to the top attraction can choose from two tours of its history.

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Slovak National Museum (SNM) – After Múzeum Bojnice started offering two different tours of Bojnice Castle, visitors now have a choice of how to see one of Slovakia’s top attractions.

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“The Bojnice Museum now offers visitors two ways to see the Bojnice Castle. We have launched two new tours, one called the Pálffy Circuit and the other called the Huňady Circuit. ‘, Petra Gordíková, the museum’s public relations manager, told TASR Newswire. .

According to her, these are more or less equivalent circuits in terms of content and length. “The Parfi circuit is mainly focused on rebuilding [of the castle], and visitors can learn about who Count Palffy was and why he decided to rebuild the castle. Some of the circuits on the lower floors include, for example, the Count’s apartments, the castle suites, and visitors can also see the Palffy family tombs and natural travertine caves,” she explained. .

The Huňady circuit, on the other hand, focuses on medieval romantic ideas. “Visitors will learn who the Hunyadi and Corvin families were, visit mainly the upper part of the castle and take a tour of the central castle and the Hunyadi district,” Gordykova added.

Visitors can also access the castle’s new virtual guide,, which provides information about the castle’s exhibits, its history, interesting facts, legends and “little things” related to the monument, she said. Told.

“This is a guide to the castle that visitors can use from their tablets or mobile phones in both text and images. Visitors can also switch to the audio version and listen to the narration. It is suitable for the visually impaired, ”said Gordykova.

Guides can be accessed by scanning the QR code or NFC chip on each individual exhibit.

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“ replaces the original information plaques we had for the exhibition and some lecturers. We are back at Vojnitsky Castle and visitors can choose to attend at pre-arranged times.” Gordikova added.

Guided tours are for a limited group of visitors only.

Spectacular Slovakia travel guide Bojnice Castle: Romantic Middle Ages and Palfi Reconstruction

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