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Bollywood recreates the 1983 Indian cricket victory

The vehicle passes the sign of the Bollywood movie “83” based on the victory of India’s first Cricket World Cup in Mumbai in 1983. -AFP

The 1983 World Cup Bollywood retelling struck the cinema on Friday, recalling the brilliant vulnerable victory that helped transform India into today’s cricket-mad country. India, capped by Kapil Dev and now considered one of the best cricket players, started the tournament as an outsider in England, but eventually all in the noisy captain’s final. Defeated the West Indies who conquered.

Victory was “a turning point in the way we considered ourselves a country of cricket. And … that incredible victory was in the veins of the country we were in and out of the cricket field before. “It has flowed in,” Indian Express Daily said prior to the release of “83.”
“The next morning, the banner headline shouted” The Cup Is Ours, “but nothing was the same. It was Blood Rush that beat all Blood Rush. ” The first sign that India meant business was in the group stage of the tournament when Dev didn’t give 175 to Zimbabwe. The BBC’s strike of the day meant that this extraordinary exploit was never filmed, but the Sacred Cricket Yearbook Wisden called it “one of the most spectacular innings done with this form of cricket.” I called it.

“No expectations”

A brief semi-final victory over the fantastic England side, featuring great men such as Ian Botham, David Gore and Bob Willis, then set the grand final against defending champion West Indies. .. The West Indies were the best team in the world, along with the dreaded pace bowlers Joel Garner, Malcolm Marshall and Michael Holding, as well as the batting battleships Viv Richards, Gordon Greenidge and Clive Lloyd.

However, India cruised for victory, causing havoc in the position of the Lord and returning to his hometown. Balwinder Sandhu scored an important 11 points, not as the last man, and later bowled Greenwich to one, but remembers Marshall’s guards hitting the helmet. “It made me more determined … I was unflinching,” Sandhu told AFP, who helped advise the actor and the director of “83” Kabir Khan. Sandhu said there was a “great high-speed bowler with a” relentless “attitude” in the West Indies. “It was a great feeling just to rob them of 10 or 15 runs.”

“Not the same again”

Veteran journalist Ayazmemon, who covered the tournament, said cricket was already very popular and India won the test series in England for the first time in 1971. “But that was a total surprise of victory. Who thought India would beat the world champion? It caused so much passion and interest in games in India that it never happened again. It was never the same, “Memon told AFP.

The victory also unveiled a commercial opportunity for cricket in India, paving the way for the current money-spinning spectacle. This was also driven by the economic opening of the 1990s and the advent of cable television. “It (victory) has completely changed the future of cricket as an international sport, not just India’s cricket. After that, India became, in a sense, the epicenter of the world of cricket,” Memon said. Said.

Dev is played at “83” by Ranveer Singh. Bollywood superstars, like captains, hone their cricket skills, bowl and bat, walk, talk and smile for four hours a day for six months. In an interview with Dev, Dev said India was helped by being vulnerable and simply “enjoyed themselves.” “I didn’t expect it. All media attention was in Australia, England and the West Indies, and all the pressure was on the other teams,” said the 62-year-old. -AFP

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