Bono and Edge Hold Surprise “Freedom” Concert at Kyiv Metro

U2 stars Bono and Edge surprised fans on Sunday (May 8) in Kieu, the capital of Ukraine. It was instantly set up at a central subway station as national troops fought against Russian troops in the east.

The two Irish lockers are one of Kieu’s busiest subway stations, delivering an almost hour-long set with dozens of fans watching.

“The Ukrainians are not only fighting for your own freedom, you are fighting for all of us who love freedom,” Bono told the crowd between songs.

The musician was at the Khreshchatyk subway station, accompanied by Taras Topolia, the frontman of Ukrainian pop-rock band Antitila, on the platform.

Toporia presented Bono with a shrapnel that he said was the wreckage of a missile that attacked near Kyiv.

Near the base where he is currently serving in the Ukrainian army.

Poverty activist Bono often uses his fame to emphasize humanitarian causes.

(Reuters) Bono and Edge Hold Surprise “Freedom” Concert at Kyiv Metro

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