“Book Taxi” -Launch of new service to sell old books

24. June 2022 12:21 Me Premium content

The novel doesn’t have to be dumped in the trash, says the company behind the plan.

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For Bratislava bookworms who have run out of space for their books but don’t want to see them put in the trash, traditional or online second-hand bookstores and second-hand bookstores ensure they go to a good home. It’s no longer the only way to do it.

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In recent years, an innovative service has emerged in the capital to bring old books into the hands of new owners, and the latest service is “Knihotaxi” (book taxi).

Anyone who doesn’t have the space for a collection at home and wants to help promote sustainability, order the service, book a special “taxi” that has been driving Bratislava every weekend for the past few weeks, and the owner’s You can take a book with you. I want it for a long time.

“The worst solution is to put the book in the basement or attic, which degrades the book,” said Matúš Karaffa, director of second-hand bookstore Knihobot Slovensko. “In addition, most of the time, these are sold-out books, and someone else may want them.” will help you. “data-msg-btn-logout =” Log in as another user “data-msg-btn-close =” Keep logged in “> “Book Taxi” -Launch of new service to sell old books

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