Bookie odds put Christo Dourides as frontrunner for president

Nikos Christodoulides is the bookmaker’s front-runner to win the February presidential election with odds of 1.45/1.

So if you bet €5 on the former Minister of Foreign Affairs, you will get back €7.25 if you actually win.

According to popular betting site Stoiximan, the odds are almost double, with Disy leader Averof Neophytou at 3/1 and Andreas Mavroyiannis at 10/1.

Achilles Demetriades has odds of 25/1, followed by Elam’s Christos Christou at 50/1 and former Cyprus University Rector Konstantinos Christofides at 50/1.

Just this week, Dipa announced it would endorse Christodoulides’ bid. He also has support from Edek, Diko, and the Hunter’s party.

Polls across multiple networks consistently show Christo Dourides as the clear favorite in the upcoming election.

The latest poll, published by Sigma earlier this month, interviewed 1,018 people in late September and found Christo Dourides to have a solid lead with 31% of the expected votes. I was.

Opinion polls put Neophytou in second place with 19.3%, followed by Mavroianis with 16.5%. Outside of the three leading candidates, Demetriades received the highest score at 4.2%.

The data collected corresponded to how people would vote in the first round if an election were held now.

These results are broadly in line with previous polls, with some analysts saying they didn’t see much change by the time the vote was taken, with 83% of those surveyed saying they It states that the vote is absolute or probable certainty. Bookie odds put Christo Dourides as frontrunner for president

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