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“Booster shots, the best way to defend”

Large-scale infections of the coronavirus have been reported around the world, especially the latest variant “Omicron”, which is rapidly prevalent, so an urgent third vaccination to protect yourself and the community. It is highly recommended to receive.
Vaccination with booster doses is the best “defense” against Covid-19.
Due to careful observation of the Covid-19 protocol and precautions from the beginning, few cases have been reported. However, with the advent of the “Omicron variant”, we are more cautious and follow the procedures announced by the Ministry of Public Health to maintain this ideal level that Qatar has succeeded in achieving in it. You need to continue your commitment to fight the pandemic.
Qatar has demonstrated to the world its ability to work together, especially in the face of Covid-19 challenges. I commend these efforts to address the pandemic challenges and once again urge everyone to take booster shots and comply with precautions.
Thanks to the Ministry of Health and medical staff, I was able to take it for the third time. May Allah protect the two brotherhoods of Qatar and Turkey from all harm and Covid-19.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707100/Turkish-Ambassador-Booster-shot-best-way-of-defenc “Booster shots, the best way to defend”

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