Boris Johnson calls on NATO allies to increase military

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson Call him NATO Madrid Summit Allies Strengthen Defense Spending In response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, his cabinet said.

After Russia annexed Crimea in 2014 NATO Member States have promised to spend at least 2.0% of their gross domestic product on defense by 2024 to ensure the alliance’s readiness for combat.

Only 8 NATOThirty members of the group achieved or exceeded their goals in 2021, but many countries, such as Germany and Italy, are strengthening their defenses. Spending This year is due to the Ukrainian war.

“”Over the next decade, allies, or all allies, will be needed to regain deterrence and make serious efforts to ensure defense.“” Johnson Said in a speech at NATO Summit in Madrid today.

“”The two percentages are always designed as a lower bound rather than an upper bound, and the Allies need to continue to step up during this crisis.Britain The prime minister said in a statement.

During the flight to Madrid Britain The prime minister said,NATO conversation“Needed for a new goal of defense investment after 2024.

NATO “”Need to adapt to respond to emerging threats” When “Long-term investmentWillingness to “and”Increase defense Spending Adapt to crises and emergenciesBritain The government said in a statement.

At the summit Johnson The United Kingdom announces that it will increase its military presence in Estonia, a small country bordering Russia with stronger weapons and air defenses.

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Britain has provided massive $ 1.3 billion worth of military assistance. Britain Pound (1.5 billion euros).

but, Johnson It was criticized by several lawmakers from the opposition and his own party for failing to keep his campaign promise to increase the army. Spending By 2022, it will exceed the inflation rate, which is expected to reach more than 10% this year.

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