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Boutiqaat: Through the KSA Gate to the international stardom

  • Boutiqaat: Through the KSA Gate to the international stardom
  • Al-Issa: “The company has overcome many challenges since its establishment in 2015.”
  • Al-Julaibi: “Customers are very confident in Boutiqaat’s products.”
  • Aiming for a five-fold increase in sales over the next five years
  • It includes more than 2000 suppliers and aims to continuously increase the number.
  • Over 5 million orders from different sectors of the market
  • Boutiqaat continues to expand logistics services and operations throughout the Kingdom
Abdulwahab al Issa

In an atmosphere of heartfelt hospitality and joy with the arrival of the Holy Moon of Ramadan, Boutiqaat held its annual “Ghabga” celebration in front of a large crowd of local market partners, customers and suppliers. The company’s founding partner, Abdulwahab Al-Issa, has been challenging for the first few years of Boutiqaat, and over the past seven years, Boutiqaat has steadily faced and achieved unparalleled success. A determined team that implements it character by character.

He said Boutiqaat gained international exposure through the gateway to Saudi Arabia, which is considered one of the region’s most important markets. In a speech at the company’s annual “Ghabga” celebration at Al-Raya Hall, Al-Issa also said that Boutiqaat has traded with more than 2,000 suppliers as of today to offer an exclusive range of products. He added that he exhibited and successfully delivered 5 million orders in the MENA area. ..

The company is aiming for more than five times the sales, urging suppliers to prepare and commercialize products to meet customer needs and prepare to offer unique and excellent offers to different groups in the GCC market. .. Al-Issa emphasized his enthusiasm for increasing his presence in the Saudi Arabian market, in addition to developing logistics services and operational processes to facilitate the shopping process. For all residents of the Kingdom, working with an extensive network of partners and suppliers.

Al-Issa has expressed happiness by increasing the number of employees in the company to pre-Corona levels, and estimates that it currently has about 1,200 employees, and will increase the number of employees to 3,000 in the next few years. Revealed his enthusiasm. Continuous expansion of the business. Al-Issa has shown that the next few years will be full of challenges and challenges, and as in the previous year, expressed confidence in working with suppliers, customers and partners to overcome them. The company’s ambitions are enormous and nothing impedes future success.

Abdullah Al-Julaibi, CEO of Boutiqaat, has expressed great pride in its customers’ trust in the company, as evidenced by the high sales of all its products offered through its smart platform.

By establishing new partnerships with Saudi Arabian companies in all areas, the company plans to strengthen its presence in the Saudi Arabian market over the next period, globalize and provide the highest quality standards to its customers. He added that it would contribute to the implementation. He revealed that Boutiqaat plans to increase the list of partners in all sectors related to the upcoming period and launch a myriad of offers to appeal to clients in the market.

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