Bpost to the rescue of St. Nicholas by dividing the letters

As the celebration of St. Nicholas approaches, Bpost prepares to sort through the hundreds of thousands of letters sent to the patron saint of children in November.

This year, postal workers will assist him with the enormous task of receiving wish lists, drawings, handicrafts, and more, RTBF reports.

About 350,000 letters are sent each year in hopes of a reply and a present from the popular saint.

If children want a written reply and a gift from St. Nicholas by December 6, they must write the return address on the back of the envelope and send the card by November 29, Bpost said. remembered. “However, St. Nicholas will continue to respond to letters sent after the deadline,” he added.

Schools can also participate. Teachers simply write letters and send them along with letters and drawings from students.

The French address is Saint-Nicolas, Rue du Paradis 1 – 0612 Ciel. In Dutch it is Sinterklaas, Spanjestraat 1, 0612 Hemel. Letters do not need to be stamped and can be put in any mailbox.

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Photo: (c) Berga Bpost to the rescue of St. Nicholas by dividing the letters

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