Brain tumors found in more than 100 people who attended the same high school

More than 100 people associated with the same high school in New Jersey have been diagnosed with rare brain tumors, raising concerns about the relationship between school and cancer cases. LiveScience..

Tumors found in more than 100 people in the same community: In 1999, Al-Lupiano was diagnosed with acoustic neuroma, a type of benign brain tumor. According to him, he is still alive with persistent effects such as slight deafness, malaise, and dizziness, but he has successfully treated the tumor. “Today” show..

  • Twenty years later, his wife was diagnosed with the same tumor. NBC New York.. Their doctor was very surprised when they learned that the couple had the same tumor.
  • Doctors said it was rare for husbands and wives to have the same tumor, and both of them seemed to have been struck by lightning, Rupiano said. “Today” show..
  • Rupiano’s sister, Angela Desiris, was also diagnosed with what doctors initially thought was a benign tumor. They will later find that it is a malignant glioblastoma, which is a malignant cancer. According to DeCillis, he died of cancer in February of this year. “Today” show..
  • After his sister’s death, Rupiano used Facebook to see if anyone else in the community had dealt with the same issue. Since posting on Facebook, at least 110 people associated with Colonia High School in Woodbridge, NJ have reported a diagnosis of a rare tumor. Fox news..

A federal investigation will be conducted: Environmental Protection Agency investigations are being conducted to determine if these 100+ cases are cancer clusters or just coincidences. Fox news report.

  • “Every corner of Colonia High School, from buildings to fields, undergoes radiation tests to determine if there is a link between the school and the number of cancer cases diagnosed between former students and staff. “. NBC New York..

Rupiano refers to a local testing facility. Rupiano is an environmental scientist with 33 years of experience testing ground samples for toxins. Fox news..

  • He points to a sampling plant in Middlesex, NJ, as a potential factor associated with tumors.
  • Just a 30-minute drive from Colonia High School, the plant has been used as a test facility for several different ores for “use in the country’s early atomic energy programs.” Fox news..
  • The plant was decontaminated in the 1960s, but what was not evaluated was a potential outflow of radioactive material to the surrounding community, the New York division of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers said. Fox news..
  • Rupiano said on Facebook Position Radiation and radon tests have been completed and results will be available within a few weeks.

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