Bratislava restores 10 official spots for grilling in Forest Park

They are found in the hills and meadows above the capital.

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Mestské lesy v Bratislave, a forest management company in the city of Bratislava, has fully rehabilitated and restored 10 burning sites in the forest park it manages. Grilling and toasting are now possible again at marked locations in Forest Park, so visitors can already use them. As of last weekend, firefighters lifted the ban on barbecue fires that had been in place due to the dry weather.

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As quoted by the TASR newswire, “We appreciate the patience and adherence to the ban of visitors to the forest park,” said Malek Paba, who is in charge of managing the city department. “The new fire pit is a comfortable complement to the temporary restrictions and will make many barbecue enthusiasts happy during the fall recreational season.”

A restored fire pit is located in the Zhelezna Stadniczka Recreation Zone next to Chesta Muradeje Road. American Square at the bottom of Kamzik ​​Hill. Between Snežienka and Kamzík. Near the Pod Dubmi well. in the Kaczynska Valley. And above Pecnachesta.

Each BBQ spot now has 3 low benches for sitting around the fire and 1 “A set” also with a table. There is fine gravel around each fire pit to reduce the risk of fire spreading. The pit’s rim is made of granite, and bread can be placed on it while roasting bacon or sausage, as is traditionally done in Slovakia.

At the same time, city companies are reminding visitors of the “grill rules”, according to which they should only light fires in designated fire pits, and wood should be kept at least two meters away. need to do it. Before leaving, you need to extinguish the fire with water and scoop out the cinders. Barbecuers are warned not to play loud music or disturb forest animals or other visitors. Remember to be clean and safe when leaving the picnic area.

“Please be careful not to leave trash such as empty bottles and cans,” the city said. Bratislava restores 10 official spots for grilling in Forest Park

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