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Brazilian police attack on Rio Favela kills at least 18 people | Police News

The state’s public advocacy office states that the attack on Compresso de Alemao “has “signs of serious human rights abuses.”

At least 18 people were killed in a Brazilian police attack on the vast Favela complex in Rio de Janeiro, according to state military police. The latest deadly police operations In a poor community in the city.

A police spokesperson said at a news conference that 16 of the 18 law enforcement officers and women living in the area who died in the Complexo de Alemao on Thursday are believed to be members of organized crime groups. He said he was.

“It’s the internal massacre that police are calling for operations,” a woman told The Associated Press on condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation from the authorities.

“They won’t let us help [victims]”She added, saying she saw a man arrested for trying to do so.

Police officers participate in operations at Compresso Doalemao in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil [Silvia Izquierdo/AP Photo]

The gendarmerie said in a previous statement that Rio de Janeiro’s civil police and gendarmerie tactical teams attacked Fabella to defeat groups suspected of being involved in cargo theft and bank robbery and invaded nearby areas. ..

Approximately 400 police officers were involved and received the support of four aircraft and ten armored vehicles.

The Thursday raid was the latest deadly police operation in the favela tour in Rio de Janeiro, which has raised concerns from rights groups for years.

In May of last year Twenty people were killed The assault on the city’s Jacarezinho favela provokes anger and protest among residents, spurring demands of accountability from human rights defenders. International observer..

But Brazil’s President Jail Bolsonaro has defended police tactics in the fight against organized crime, saying earlier that gangsters should “die like cockroaches.”

“I will continue to fight crime with all my might. Rio de Janeiro Governor Claudio Castro will not step back from his mission to guarantee peace and security to the people in his official Twitter profile on Thursday.”

Police walking down the street with weapons pulled out during the Rio Favela raid.
Police officer inaugurated during operation July 21, 2022 [Ricardo Moraes/Reuters]

However, the state’s Department of Public Defense said in a statement, “There are signs of serious human rights abuses, which could be one of the most deadly operations in Rio de Janeiro.”

Alemao is a complex of 13 shantytowns in northern Rio, home to about 70,000 people. According to a July 2020 survey published by the Brazilian Institute for Socio-Economic Analysis, nearly three-quarters of residents are black or interracial.

After the attack, locals could be seen bundling the injured behind the car and being taken to the hospital while police were watching. Gilberto Santiago Lopes of the Anacrim Human Rights Commission said police refused to help.

“We had to carry them off in a beverage truck and then flag the locals in their car to take them to the hospital,” he said. “”[The police] I don’t think they deserve help if they are injured, as they are not intended to arrest them, but to kill them. “

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