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Brazil’s floods increase deaths and thousands more evacuate

According to officials, heavy rains that have hit Brazil’s state of Bahia since November have killed 18 people on Sunday in a constant torrent that has expelled 35,000.
Bahia firefighters confirmed the death of a 60-year-old man who drowned in a river in the southern part of the state on Sunday.
According to Sudek, the Bahia Civil Protection Agency, two people went missing, 19,580 were evacuated, 16,001 were forced to evacuate, and the number of people displaced from their homes reached 35,000.
Sudec added that another 286 people have been injured since the start of the downpour.
It is estimated that more than 430,800 people have been affected and the situation has only worsened recently.
By Sunday afternoon, the number of municipalities declared a state of emergency had increased to 72, 58 of which were at stake due to floods, according to Sudeck.
“It’s a big tragedy,” said Governor Rui Costa, who investigated the area damaged by the plane on Sunday. “I don’t remember anything of this dimension in Bahia’s recent history. The number of houses, streets and towns that are completely underwater is truly horrifying.”
From Saturday, a joint operation of federal and state emergency services has been mobilized to rescue thousands of people involved in the flood.

Last updated: December 28, 2021 0:18 am

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