Bridge diving gives an adrenaline kick to the Soča River area

Kanal – The traditional bridge diving event in the western Slovenian town of Kanal takes place on Sunday and promises to be a high-adrenaline spice-up. Amazing views are guaranteed as the Canal Bridge crosses the Soča River, famous for its emerald color.

This popular event has been held annually since 1989, except for a few cancellations due to the 10-Day War of Independence in 1991, heavy rains in 2002, and Covid in 2020 and 2021. It has been.

The organizers, the Canal of Sochi Tourism Board, have devised three disciplines: Foot Jump, Canal Special – Swallows and Diving Stunts.

The event is also a diving competition and the best Slovenian of 2019 was Aleš Karničnik in 3rd place. 17-year-old British diver and high diver Aidan Heslop took first place. Exactly one year ago, he was the youngest ever to compete in the Cliff Diving World Series, and last year he performed the most difficult dive ever.

This year again, participants from several countries are expected, including Denmark, Germany, France, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia, said Branko Dolenk, head of the local tourism office.

In addition to thrilling dives and musical performances, the canal has something for vintage car lovers, as classic cars are on display in the village’s main square this morning.

Bridge-jumping events boost local tourism and encourage diving. In 2005 and 2006 it was part of the Diving World Cup. The world’s best jumper competed from his point off the surface of the Soča River where he jumped 23 meters high.

The 17-meter bridge is a landmark on the canal. The first he was built in 1580. It was destroyed and rebuilt several times over the years, the last time being in 1920. Bridge diving gives an adrenaline kick to the Soča River area

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