BRIN designs handicapped-friendly electric motorcycles

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) is redesigning three-wheeled electric bikes so that people with disabilities can use them to sell goods.

BRIN researcher Yukhi Mustaqim Kusuma Sya’bana revealed the additional features in the vehicle during a Talk Webinar with Scientists: Towards the Future with Electric Vehicle Research on Monday. I told you.

Features include armrests and backrests, a canopy, and boxes for storing items for sale, including food and beverages.

Since the box is open, the seller does not have to get off the electric motorcycle and the buyer can take the item directly from the box.

“We provide a canopy to reduce exposure to the weather. We create a display container in the back for sale,” he explained.

A prototype of an electric motorcycle is being developed and will be equipped with many features such as self-service and ordering, paging applications, adaptive cruise control, brakes, sensors, GPS (Global Positioning System) and more.

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Self-service and ordering capabilities enable buyers to purchase and order products individually, speeding up the transaction process and reducing verbal interactions.

“In the future, we hope that it will be accessible not only to the disabled, but also to the elderly, the disabled, and even ordinary people,” said Sya’bana.

He urged all parties, including industry, to work together to channel the results of research and innovation downstream for use by the wider public.

In the future, the agency is looking to conduct user tests that include an interactive process to see if electric bikes are suitable for riding.

The electric motorcycle prototype will be on display at the 2022 Indonesia Electric Vehicle Show (IEMS). It was held from September 28-30 at the Jakarta Convention Center, he said.

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