BRIN focuses on innovations that support food and energy sovereignty

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – The National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) will focus on researching innovations to support food and energy sovereignty until 2024, BRIN chief Laksana Tri Handoko said here on Tuesday.

“The crisis caused by the pandemic over the past two years and the subsequent volatility in commodity prices due to the war in Ukraine has taught Indonesia a fundamental lesson: the importance of food sovereignty as well as health and energy. (sovereignty),” he pointed out.

At the annual meeting of the National Council of People (MPR), President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) said the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has not been fully resolved. And the global economic situation has not fully recovered.

“Then war broke out in Ukraine, and food, energy and financial crises became inevitable,” he added.

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107 countries have been affected by the pandemic, some of which are expected to go bankrupt, and 553 million people face the threat of extreme poverty. Meanwhile, food insecurity and famine threaten her 345 million people worldwide.

Widodo said Indonesia’s abundant natural resources are a strength that can be used for the country’s development. But natural resources must be managed wisely and sustainably.

Downstream and industrialization must be done to maximize added value for the national interest.

Handko also emphasized the importance of increasing the value addition of local natural wealth to support food and energy sovereignty so that it can support national economic growth.

Do not sell local, natural products as raw materials. Added value is needed to turn it into a quality product that can compete in the export market.

“The government and BRIN recognize the importance of adding value to local natural resources. Crisis creates disasters and at the same time creates new opportunities,” Handoko said.

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