Britain needs to “achieve Brexit,” says Maroš Šefčovič

Maroš Šefchovic urged Britain to “end Brexit” in a speech in London, warning that plans to break the Northern Ireland Protocol were infeasible.

The Vice-President of the European Commission, held in London for the first time in a few months, warned that the proposed bill had delayed the progress of the UK and EU on the Northern Ireland Protocol by two years, and urged the UK government to return to the negotiating table. ..

Parliamentarians resolved this week to give the Northern Ireland Protocol a second reading, revealing how to get a closer look in the coming weeks.

The move is illegal and branded as a clear violation of international law, and Sefkovich devoted a significant portion of his speech at Bloomberg’s event to criticizing the plan.

He predicted that when it came to law, the bill would “lead to constant uncertainty.”

“Simply put, that wouldn’t work,” he told the event.

UK Foreign Minister Liz Truss is leading the Northern Ireland Protocol bill through the Commons (Niall Carson / PA)

“The Minister of London will have the freedom to change the rules on a whim.

“A dual regulatory system in which companies choose EU or UK regulations will fill them under the mountain of bureaucracy.

“This is clearly a defeat situation, for the EU-UK relations, and above all for Northern Ireland.”

The EU has already taken legal action on the planned law, and Mr. Sefkovich categorically insisted that it did not form the basis of the negotiations.

“We need to understand each other that we are not going to negotiate under this bill,” he said, naming it “illegal” and “one-sided.”

Mr. Sefkovich began his speech by referring to the speech of then Prime Minister David Cameron held in Bloomberg in 2013.

“I hope we are nearing the end of this particular cycle.

“You may not hear this often from the Commissioner, but it’s time to complete Brexit,” he said.

But Chef Chovic has closed his mouth on what the EU’s retaliation would look like if the bill were enacted.

Boris Johnson suggests he wants the bill to be enacted by the end of the year, but the House of Lords is expected to face considerable opposition.

EU negotiators, who met with Foreign Minister Liz Truss in person in February, also refused to be long drawn out about the possibility of a harsh border on Ireland if no solution was found.

Part of the motivation behind the Northern Ireland Protocol was to avoid such a scenario, but an alternative to checking goods moving between the UK and Northern Ireland threatened its position in the UK. I angered the union members who claimed to be.

Asked directly if the Irish border could be excluded, Sefkovich said:

“That’s why we are confident that we are ready to outsource the control of our external economic borders to the UK Government for the first time and at the end of our history.”

In the end, he emphasized Block’s willingness to compromise, so he said it was about creating a “trust” relationship between Britain and the EU.

“Zero check is not an option.

“Checking everything is not practical.

“But doing some minimal checks, yes, it will work.

“For post-Brexit reasons, pre-Brexit reality is no longer an option.

“And it’s worth emphasizing that London won’t unilaterally change the game and decide what to enter the EU’s single market.

“Such an approach is a clear violation of international law.”

Using the ghosts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Sefkovich emphasized that the EU and Britain are “natural allies.”

“In collaboration with other partners, we have shown that we will continue to stand side by side in the name of peaceful democracy in response to the Moscow invasion,” he said. Britain needs to “achieve Brexit,” says Maroš Šefčovič

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