Britain promises another $ 375 million in military aid to Ukraine

Britain said late Monday that it would provide more than £ 300 million ($ 375 million) in military aid. UKRain including electronic warfare equipment and counter-battery radar system, in addition to the support of about £ 200 million so far.

Britain sent UKSince the invasion of Russia on February 24, more than 5,000 anti-tank missiles, five air defense systems, and other ammunition and explosives have fallen. This destroyed the city and killed or injured thousands.

U.S. $ 3 billion in military aid UKIt has rained so far, and last week President Joe Biden called on Congress to approve more than $ 20 billion in military aid. Read the full text

Russia said last week that NATO countries were effectively engaged in proxy wars by providing weapons. UKRein states that he is carrying out “special operations” to disarm the country and remove anti-Russian nationalism instigated by the West.

UKRain and the West say Russia has launched a provocative war of aggression to occupy its territory. This can lead to a much wider conflict.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office said the UK, like any other equipment, would provide night-vision equipment, tools to interfere with satellite navigation, and large drones to replenish. UKRain army and armored vehicles for civilians.

Johnson is going to deal UKRain’s Parliament via videolink on Tuesday morning.

“Your kids and grandchildren will say that UKRainian taught the world that the barbaric powers of the invaders have no value in the moral powers of those who decide to be free.

The UK has provided significant military aid, but so far it has accepted only a relatively small number of more than 5 million countries. UKRainiers who have fled their country.As of last week, the UK government said it had issued 86,100 visas. UK27,100 Rainiers arrived in England.

(Reuters) Britain promises another $ 375 million in military aid to Ukraine

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