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Britain refuses to return citizens from Syria “morally blame”

A new report warns that if the British government does not return British people from camps in northeastern Syria, there is a risk of compromising national and global security.

Britain’s stalled efforts to return citizens from detention in Syria “has serious harm to both domestic and global security,” reports a cross-party parliamentary group.

Six months ago, the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on trafficked British people in Syria began an investigation into Daesh’s trafficking of British people in a camp in northeastern Syria.

The camp is run by YPG, the Syrian wing of the PKK terrorist group.

About 20 British families have been detained in northeastern Syria, and at least 63% of British women currently detained are victims of trafficking to or within Syria, according to the APPG report. It is said that there is. 44% were forced by a male partner or relative.

Nearly half of unborn British detainees in Syria are travel children and are likely victims of trafficking.

To date, the British government has refused to return its citizens, which is the opposite of the position taken by close allies like the United States. Ministers have repeatedly stated that due to security concerns, Britain cannot return its people from northeastern Syria.

However, according to the United Nations Syrian Investigation Commission, from September 2020 to June 2021, at least 322 children and 56 women returned to 13 different home countries.

The British government reportedly abandoned its citizens in indefinite and illegal detention in northeastern Syria, and the situation in detention camps was “cruel, inhuman and degrading” in British courts, according to the APPG report. I admitted it and called it “disastrous.”

Many British detainees have been detained for more than three years without prosecution, let alone trial.

APPG Co-Chair Conservative Parliamentarian Andrew Mitchell described Whitehall’s approach to British citizens detained in Syria as “morally criticized, legally suspicious, and completely negligent from a security perspective. “.

“Ministers who are still obsessed with current failed policies should read this report, which shows the potentially catastrophic consequences of continued omissions,” Mitchell said. rice field.

According to the report, the APPG has failed to take appropriate steps to prevent trafficking by the government and identify the most vulnerable individuals, and has been particularly well-maintained among other cases. Provided strong evidence that they did not notify their parents of their child.

“These were not isolated incidents. Rather, they were systematic failures to combat ISIS’s trafficking activities,” the report said, “the British police’s anti-terrorism and anti-trafficking approaches.” I called it “silo”.

The attention-grabbing case of Shami Mabegum, who was hired, transported and exploited as Daesh’s child bride after leaving Britain for Syria, represents an approach adopted by the British government rather than respecting international obligations. ..

Instead of being treated as a victim of trafficking, Begum was stripped of citizenship and “Non-punishment principle“.

Children cannot legally agree to trafficking, but governments that justify the decision not to return citizens often overlook it and treat it as an adult who voluntarily participates in terrorist organizations such as Daesh.

APPG Vice-Chair Baroness Warsi said that the government would use its powers to “deprive Muslims of citizenship almost exclusively” and “currently trying to extend these strict powers from the minority community. It shows that the British can easily do their rights. ” Taken away. “

In 2021, at least 163 people died in the infamous Alhol Camp, 62 of whom were children. Two children are reportedly dying from preventable illnesses at Alhol Camp and Roy Camp each week.

In conclusion, APPG has all British officials detained in northeastern Syria by British authorities to mitigate national security risks, prevent re-entry, and ensure justice and accountability for committed crimes. According to Daesh, it is recommended that emergency measures be taken to return men, women and children.

“The state has been unable to protect these British women and children and is still failing them,” said APPG Co-Chair Mitchell.

Source: TRT World

https://www.trtworld.com/magazine/uk-s-refusal-to-repatriate-citizens-from-syria-morally-reprehensible-54590?utm_source=other&utm_medium=rss Britain refuses to return citizens from Syria “morally blame”

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