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Britain seeks gas transport from Qatar in the “national crisis”-Doha News

The UK continues to tackle the energy crisis as global prices skyrocket and exports from Russia decline.

Qatar has emerged as Britain’s last-minute savior as Britain struggles to meet energy demand amid rising gas prices. Independent..

London had previously called on Doha to intervene as a “last resort” for Gas at a meeting between Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Qatar’s Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Althani at the UN General Assembly in September. Since then, talks have been held between the government ministers of both countries, including the United Kingdom. Foreign Minister Liz Truss.

According to a London-based paper, “The United Kingdom is preparing for a full strategic partnership agreement in 2022, so it has mediated an informal arrangement with Qatar to maintain the flow of gas supplies. . “

I expressed Qatar Willingness to engage in longer-term supply transactions with the UK, The latter denies that the Gulf countries play a “formal” role as a “supplier of last resort.”

Energy suppliers this week described rising prices as a “national crisis,” and industry experts warned that energy prices could double if price caps were revised in April.

Europe’s major economies, France and Germany, have also been affected by rising prices, but the UK faces more serious cost and supply challenges.

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However, shipments are believed to have increased since Foreign Minister Truss visited the Gulf countries last October.

The UK is focusing on Qatargas to reduce its dependence on Norway and the United States. “It avoids putting our eggs in too few baskets,” the independent quoted a source with knowledge of the Qatar story.

“Qatar continues to supply UK buyers with liquefied natural gas, but is not an official supplier of last resort and has not requested or secured additional shipments from the Qatar government,” a government spokesman said. Stated.

“The commerce relationship that exists between Qatar and UK-based buyers such as Centrica makes it easy to encourage more supplies, rather than saying that the government directly requested additional shipments. Will be. “

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