Britain’s actions to invalidate the Northern Ireland Protocol are “anti-democratic”

Foreign Minister Simon Coveny warns that the UK government’s unilateral action to invalidate part of the Northern Ireland Protocol is “anti-democratic.”

British leaders are increasingly suggesting that they can take unilateral action against the post-Brexit treaty, and Boris Johnson says the Good Friday Agreement is more important than the Protocol he signed. Claims.

European leaders have warned Britain not to make a flaming move for fear of causing a trade war with Britain’s largest trading partner.

Coveny said the EU wants to implement a protocol with “flexibility and pragmaticism” in light of EU concerns as it remains consistent with the EU’s single market.

He told the BBC Radio Four: Stayed in Northern Ireland.

“That’s what the EU wants to solve, but unfortunately it can’t be done without a partner, and much has been done this week in the context of the language ratchet, the UK and the EU.”

Your government has deliberately decided to violate international law. This is what all former Prime Ministers still alive in Britain have warned.

Asked what it means for the UK government to take unilateral action against the Protocol, Mr. Coveny added: All former Prime Ministers still alive in Britain have warned.

“This means that the UK Government will deliberately act in an anti-democratic way, as 53 of the 90 MLAs elected to the Northern Ireland Parliament support the Protocol.”

He added: “Remember that this treaty was designed, ratified and agreed by the Government of the United Kingdom under this Prime Minister.

“He ran for election and got a big mission from the British people behind the deal and is now blaming the deal on the issue of Northern Ireland.”

“What the EU wants is secondary.”

Meanwhile, Minister Jacob Reese Mogg on Brexit Opportunities and Government Efficiency said the EU is trying to “offend” Brexit through an approach that addresses the Protocol. ..

He told GB News:


Democratic Unionist Party blocks the election of chairman, leaving a new story …

“And we just have to walk our lives and realize that we have left.

“We have to make our own way. We are an independent country, and what the EU wants and thinks is secondary.”

As the Democratic Unionist confirmed on Friday, it confirmed that it would not appoint a speaker for the first seat of the developed Stormont Parliament in Northern Ireland as part of a protest against the Protocol deal arrangement.

This will prevent the assembly from functioning.

X Britain’s actions to invalidate the Northern Ireland Protocol are “anti-democratic”

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