British military intervention is urgently needed in TCI as gun violence escalates.

BP calls TRUSS GOVERNMENT to action!

Chef Mario’s body was found at Longquays TCI at 7am on Sunday. Also killed are John Doe and Matthew.
A TCI shooter shot him in the leg.

TCI | Bahamas Press is monitoring a rise in gun violence on Tux and Casio islands, which are claiming lives on British soil.

Following the violence against its neighbors in the south, the Bahamas Press truss government Please pay urgent attention to the development of the UK playground at TCI.

Just Friday A Man In Five Kays TCIgo by his name Matthew, was shot dead.murder in a bar cue town. I heard a gunshot Norway Road again in Kew Townand there the police found Matthew’s lifeless body. This happened around 9pm. What happened here is still unknown.

But while multiple shootings were reported again at TCI, there was another deadly shooting in which a 24-year-old died near a popular store in Africa. cue town Also. That victim also died and we still don’t know his name (John Doe).

But if that’s not enough, the island’s renowned chef Mariowas found dead by the side of the road Long KeysSome believe that the victim’s body was dragged to the site. Mario’s corpse was found in that part of the TCI community around 7am this morning.

While BP is updating the world with these updates, another shooting has taken place, this time in the Blue Hills community of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

This shoot was done this afternoon on the Millennium Highway. A 24-year-old man was shot in his leg and is currently receiving treatment. A source in the area told his BP that he was the shooter and is suspected of trying to kill a man under the name of: Jermaine Welch.

BP calls for urgent British military intervention and a swift end to this high level of violence in TCI. If nothing is done, groups will be imported into that British territory, destroying the once-peaceful playground of Britain.

Yinner decision report! British military intervention is urgently needed in TCI as gun violence escalates.

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