British Prime Minister Johnson faces election tests as scandals cast shadows on votes

British voters are expected to go to a local election vote on Thursday, where they will punish Prime Minister Boris Johnson for a living crisis and a fine for breaking his own COVID-19 lockdown rule.

The election went to Johnson, who became the first British life memory leader to violate the law during his tenure when he was fined last month for attending a birthday gathering in his office in 2020. It is considered a test of support.

Soaring global energy prices, which have pushed up consumer gas and electricity prices, are now also affecting the cost of goods in stores, putting further pressure on households. Read the full text

A series of poor results to Johnson, who has fought for political survival for months, faced with three investigations and the possibility of police fines for attending other blockade rallies. Will put pressure on you.

Tony Travers, a professor at the London School of Economics, said:

However, some conservative members of the Johnson administration may have had bad performances in some of the traditional support areas of southeast England, but critics have blamed numbers for causing a coup against the prime minister. Say you may not have it.

“I don’t think they have numbers. A former conservative minister, on condition of anonymity, mentions several failed attempts to expel Johnson’s predecessor Theresa May, and the numbers are known. It’s unwise to move to. “

Cost of living

The vote will determine the seats of approximately 7,000 councils across the UK and the composition of 140 municipalities responsible for the daily provision of public services.

Voting does not change the seats of Congress, so the results do not directly affect Johnson’s actual governance capabilities.

However, poor performance makes him wonder if he is still an electoral asset prior to the next general election, as the main opposition Labor Party is trying to impose criticism of the government’s response to the living cost crisis. It could encourage party critics. Must be held by the end of 2024.

An analysis by pollster Find Out Now and political consultant Electoral Calculus suggested that conservatives could lose about 800 seats and Labor could gain control of about 20 seats. Read the full text

Scholars Colin Rallings and Michael Thrasher say losing 350 Conservative seats is bad for the Conservatives.

“Unless the results are catastrophically bad, I think Johnson will be damaged, but he keeps dragging,” Travers said. “At this point, he is helped by the lack of a clear successor.”

Two of the key outcomes in London are Wandsworth and Westminster. Both have traditionally been conservative locations and may now be within the reach of workers.

Results are expected early on Friday.

(Reuters) British Prime Minister Johnson faces election tests as scandals cast shadows on votes

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