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British Prime Minister Johnson faces increasing pressure to resign

  • -Johnson faces a deepening rebellion by lawmakers

  • -Leadership Challenge thresholds may be close

  • -Blockade party exposure undermines Johnson

  • -Johnson lifts Covid restrictions

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fighting to strengthen his premiership on Wednesday in a rebellion by his own lawmakers angry with a series of blockade parties in Downing Street.

Driven by top work to “achieve Brexit,” Johnson won the largest majority of his party in 2019 for over 30 years, but a series of parties on the Prime Minister’s home and office, Downing Street. Faced with a call to resign after his exposure. Covid is being blocked.

Johnson repeatedly apologized to the party, saying he was unaware of many of them. However, he attended what he said was a work event on May 20, 2020.

To provoke a leadership challenge, 54 of the 360 ​​Conservatives in Parliament must write a motion of no confidence to the chair of the party’s 1922 Committee.

The Telegraph reported that as many as 20 conservative members who won seats in the last general election in 2019 are planning to submit a letter of no confidence to Johnson. A few other people say they have already written such a letter.

“The 2019 MP group will submit a letter trying to reach the 54 threshold to trigger the contest,” BBC political editor Laura Kuenssberg said on Twitter. “They may hit 54.”

According to The Times analysis, 58 conservative lawmakers have openly criticized the prime minister.

Topping Johnson, just as the West has dealt with the Ukraine crisis, the world’s fifth-largest economy has tackled the wave of inflation caused by the Covid pandemic, and Britain’s inflation has risen to its highest levels in nearly 30 years. Will stall the UK for several months.

Major rivals within the Conservative Party include Finance Minister Rishi Sunak (41 years old) and Foreign Minister Liz Truss (46 years old).

Johnson denied the accusation by his former adviser that he lied to Congress about the blockade party on Tuesday, and everyone said a rally to “bring his own drink” could violate Covid-19’s rules. He said he didn’t warn him.

He avoided asking whether to resign if Congress proved to be misunderstood, and only said he wanted to wait for the results of an internal investigation.

Johnson will address Congress on Wednesday after the Cabinet is expected to approve plans to end the recent restrictions imposed on tackling the Covid-19 epidemic in the United Kingdom.

Opposition leaders accused Johnson of being a series of liars and asked him to resign.

“Pork pie lebolt”

The Downing Street blockade party, which was held when the general public couldn’t say goodbye directly to their dying relatives, undermined Johnson’s authority.

His own former spokeswoman resigned after being caught by a reporter laughing and joking on the camera when asked about how to cast the party.

The delight in Downing Street at one event was that staff went to a nearby supermarket to buy an alcohol suitcase, spilled wine on the carpet, and broke the swing used by the Prime Minister’s little son.

According to Miller, the staff also bought a wine fridge for a Friday rally, an event that was regularly observed as Johnson walked into the building’s apartment.

Johnson gave various explanations about the parties, from denying that the rules were broken to expressing public understanding of the public’s anger at the apparent hypocrisy at the heart of the British state.

Opponents cast him as a charlatan, asking Johnson to resign and demanding that the British people follow some of the most annoying rules of peacetime history while his staff were present.

The latest plot was cast as “Pork Pipe Lot” because one of the rebel lawmakers was from Melton, home of the Melton Mobley pork pie. Pork pie is also a London slang for lying.


The promotion of Alexander Boris de Feffel Johnson, often referred to simply as “Boris,” was a career that took him from journalism through television fame, comedies, and scandals to the cauldron of the Brexit crisis. It was one of the most spectacular moves-and then at the forefront of the coronavirus pandemic.

If the blocking party sinks its career, it will show yet another extraordinary twist on nearly 12 years of turbulent Conservative domination, including Brexit, a referendum on Scottish independence, and election tremors.

The rise of Johnson’s power, known for his ambitions, messy blonde hair, flowering speeches, and rough command of policy details, was all about Brexit.

However, after securing Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Johnson was hit by a Covid pandemic that killed 152,513 people in Britain. After surviving Covid in 2020, he said it almost killed him.

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