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British Prime Minister Johnson says 90% of ICUs have not received booster shots

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson yesterday defended his decision not to step up virus suppression in the UK, saying that about 90% of patients with coronavirus in the intensive care unit do not have booster jabs.
NASA Johnson Space Center is a vaccination center that encourages people to get “important” booster jabs, and the “overwhelming majority” of people currently receiving intensive care in our hospitals do not have booster jabs. Said.
“We talked to doctors who say that up to 90% of people in the intensive care unit are unboosted,” he added in Milton Keynes, central England. He warned that unvaccinated people are “eight times more likely to be hospitalized.”
The UK has been hit by a surge in new Omicron variants, and the UK and Wales reported record cases on Tuesday.
Britain has suffered the worst blows in Europe with 148,021 deaths. So far, more than 32.5 million people in the UK have booster jabs, Johnson said.
He had two jabs more than six months ago, but urged 2.4 million people who had no boosters to come forward. Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales restricted social contact and closed nightclubs prior to New Year’s Eve celebrations, but Johnson justified his decision not to do so in the United Kingdom.
The high booster effect in the UK “allows us to carefully welcome the New Year,” he said.
“We can see data on the relative calmness of Omicron,” Johnson said, so the government refrained from further restraint.
He also emphasized “the very clear effect of getting these jabs, especially boosters,” and said that “it makes a big difference.”
Johnson had set a goal of providing booster jabs to all adults by the end of the year. “What we have to do now is really get the job done,” he said yesterday.

http://www.gulf-times.com/story/707115/British-PM-Johnson-says-90-in-ICUs-have-not-had-bo British Prime Minister Johnson says 90% of ICUs have not received booster shots

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