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British Prime Minister must deal with the culture that led to the blockade: President Tory

The British Conservative Party chairman refused to call for the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, but dealt with the culture within the government that resulted in multiple staff gathering in his residence during the blockade of the coronavirus (Covid-19). He said he had to do it.
Johnson apologizes for attending a rally in the yard of his residence in Downing Street in May 2020.
In a public opposition to the perception that the government did not follow its own rules during the pandemic, internal investigations are examining that party and several other parties, including the party on the eve of Prince Phillip’s funeral. increase.
“We need to know the facts, and then the Prime Minister needs to respond effectively and work on the culture of Downing Street,” Conservative Chairman Oliver Dowden told Sky News yesterday.
The scandal has generated a call for Johnson to resign-including from within his own party-and saw the Conservatives far behind the opposition Labor in polls.
Opposition Labor leader Keir Starmer accused Johnson of lying to Congress when he first challenged the party’s report for violating the law.
He said the public can no longer take the prime minister seriously when it comes to dealing with pandemics.
“I think he broke the law. Starmer told the BBC, citing an apology to Congress for Johnson’s participation in such an event.” Then he lied about what happened. I think I got it. “
Conservative MP Tim Loughton has joined a small number of members of the Johnson Party and has publicly called for his resignation.
“Unfortunately, I’ve come to the conclusion that Boris Johnson’s position is now unsupportable. His resignation is the only way to end this unfortunate episode,” he wrote on Twitter on Saturday night.
The investigation into the matter by senior civil servant Sue Gray would produce an explanation of the facts of the event set against the summary of the rules at the time, but would not advise on disciplinary action, Dauden told the BBC.
Her report will be fully published, he later told Times Radio.
In three polls this week, Labor has a 10-point lead over the Conservatives, and some ruling parties have timely evacuated Johnson before Britain holds a local election in May. I would like to.
According to the latest poll by The Observer on Sunday, Johnson’s personal approval rate was below the worst number recorded by his unfortunate predecessor Theresa May.
The Sunday Times has faced the most serious threat to his leadership since he came to power in 2019, and Johnson draws a line under this issue with the massive exclusion of staff and numerous populist policies. I reported that I was trying.
Sunday Express reported that in a future review, Johnson will remove all existing coronavirus restrictions, including mandatory face masks and instructions to work from home if possible.
The report quoted government sources.
When asked about it, Mr. Dauden said, “I am very hopeful and optimistic, but obviously I will wait for the data at the time of the decision before making the final decision.”
New cases of Covid-19 began to decline after a sharp surge caused by the highly contagious but milder Omicron mutant.
The UK reported about 82,000 new cases on Saturday, less than half of the peak seen in early January.

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