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British social celebrity Maxwell convicted of sexual trafficking

new York: British social celebrity Ghislaine Maxwell was convicted Wednesday in New York of recruiting and caring for a young girl who had been sexually abused by the late American financier Jeffrey Epstein. Maxwell said the rest of his life after 12 juries convicted her on five of the six counts she faced, including the most serious allegations of underage sex trafficking. Faced with spending time behind the bar.

A few days after she turned 60 on Christmas, the conviction concludes the remarkable decline from the grace of the Oxford-educated daughter of the late British press baron Robert Maxwell, who grew up with wealth and privilege as a royal friend. increase. After five days of deliberation by the jury after Judge Allison Nathan read the verdict, she passively sat in a Manhattan court, slowly removing her mask and drinking a sip of water.

Later, Maxwell’s lawyer, Bobby Sternheim, said her legal team had already filed an appeal and they were “confident that she would be proven.” “We firmly believe in Guillene’s innocence. Obviously, we are very disappointed with the verdict,” Sternheim told reporters outside the court. Up to 40 years’ imprisonment for sexual trafficking of minors. Less rates have a period of 5 or 10 years. Maxwell was found not guilty of seducing a minor to travel to engage in illegal sexual activity. Nathan offered “heartfelt gratitude” to the jury’s service, adding that they served “hard work.”

Maxwell was detained out of court because he had been in court every day for a month. She is unhandcuffed and will return to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn. The date for her decision has not been set.

US lawyer Damian Williams welcomed the decision, saying Maxwell was convicted of “the worst crime I could imagine-promoting and participating in child sexual abuse.” “The road to justice was too long, but justice was done today,” Williams said in a statement. The accusations against Maxwell occurred between 1994 and 2004.

Two of Epstein’s victims said they were 14 years old when Maxwell began to groom them and arrange for Epstein to be massaged after sexual activity. One was identified only as “Jane” and detailed how Maxwell hired her at the summer camp and made her feel “special”.

She said that sexual encounters with Epstein became routine and Maxwell sometimes existed. Another, according to Carolyn, said she was usually paid $ 300 by Maxwell herself, often after her sexual encounter with Epstein. The third victim is Annie Farmer, now 42, who said Maxwell caressed her as a teenager on Epstein’s New Mexico ranch.

“Crime partner”

Epstein, 66, committed suicide in prison in 2019 while awaiting his sex crime trial. Maxwell, his best friend who became a lover, was arrested the following year. She pleaded not guilty in all respects. Prosecutor Allison Moe said Maxwell was the “key” to Epstein’s plan to seduce a young girl to massage, while he would be sexually abused.

They quoted bank records showing that she received $ 30 million from Epstein between 1999 and 2007 as evidence that her participation was motivated by money. “They were criminal partners,” Moe said. Maxwell’s defense team questioned the accusation’s ability to recall events a quarter of a century ago, claiming that it was used as the “scapegoat” of Epstein’s crime after Maxwell evaded justice.

Maxwell refused to run during the trial. Her brothers Kevin, Isabel, and Christine were in the front row of court when the fate of their sisters was read aloud. Tracked by reporters when they left, the family declined to comment, and Kevin Maxwell said they would later make a statement about the verdict.

Virginia Juffre, who claims that Epstein lent her for sex with his wealthy and powerful companions, including Prince Andrew of England, welcomed the verdict in a Twitter statement after Maxwell introduced the royal family to financial firms. did. “My soul has been anxious for justice for years, and today the jury gave me exactly that. I always remember this day,” he was not the whistleblower in the case. Jury said.

“I hope today is not the end, but another step towards the provision of justice. Maxwell did not act alone. Others must be held accountable. I. I believe they will be, “she said. Prince Andrew denies the accusation. Maxwell is still faced with two counts of perjury related to her testimony in the 2016 defamation case filed by Giffre. – AFP

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