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British troops “killed” dozens of unarmed men and detainees in Afghanistan

According to a BBC investigation, more than 50 detainees and unarmed civilians were killed by British elite troops in Afghanistan, and top-level special forces officers were aware of the killings.

Former soldiers explained that some individuals in the unit were “competing with each other for the most killings.” (Reuters Archive)

More than 50 detainees and unarmed men were killed by British troops in Afghanistan, according to newly obtained military reports and investigations by British media.

The BBC Panorama Program, which airs on Tuesday night, investigates operational documents by the Special Air Service (SAS), a British elite unit used in special operations, and “kills more than 12 people or Hermannd in 2010/11. A “capture” assault carried out by one of the SAS squadrons. “

According to the report, individuals who served the SAS squadron in the deployment spoke to the program and said they had witnessed SAS operatives “killing unarmed people during a night raid.”

Former soldiers explained that the killings of individuals were justified by planting AK-47 assault rifles on the scene, with some individuals within the unit “competing each other for the most kills.” ..

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“I knew the highest level”

The report also said, “Internal emails knew that the highest level officers of the special forces were concerned about the possibility of illegal killings, but suspicious of the gendarmerie despite their legal obligation to do so. It indicates that he did not report. “

According to the investigation, “one unit may have illegally killed 54 people in one 6-month tour.”

General Mark Carlton Smith, a former British Special Forces commander, said, “Even after the RMP launched a murder investigation into the SAS squadron, it was reported about alleged unlawful killings, but did not give evidence to the Constitutional Corps. rice field”.

The Pentagon said the panorama program “jumps to unjustified conclusions from already well-examined claims.”

The Pentagon added that the investigation into the alleged cases in the program did not find sufficient evidence to prosecute.

The ministry also said, “It is open to reviewing new evidence and there will be no hindrance.”

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