British “WAGatha Christie” football wife defamation trial begins

On Tuesday, a defamation trial began that defamed the wives of former English football strikers Wayne Rooney and Jamie Vardy.

Former England ace Wayne’s wife Coleen Rooney, 36, and her husband Jamie, who hold the record for the country’s most international goals, also scored in the case. Rebecca Vardy mentioned is involved.

Vardy, 40, accuses Rooney of leaking a story about her after conducting an elaborate sting operation to find out who is giving details of her private life to the sun tabloids. After that, she is suing her ex-friend for defamation.

The battle is called the “WAGatha Christie” case and is a reference to the “WAG” Monica given to a fascinating group of soccer players’ wives and girlfriends and Rooney’s detective work.

Vardy’s lawyer, Hugh Tomlinson, told the London High Court that the case was “not interesting,” his client, who was threatened online and ridiculed in the match, said.

“She needs to be able to reveal her name,” he said, with a wooden panel where two women are sitting just a few feet apart, with Looney sitting next to her husband. Talked to the court.

The plot began almost three years ago when Looney became suspicious of the story that appeared in the sun, including information about her from her personal Instagram account. She became a detective trying to find out who the criminal was.

She said she blocked all but one person from viewing her account and posted a series of false articles to see if they were leaked.

She concluded that only one person saw a false story on her social media account, “it’s … Rebekah Vardy’s account.”

According to Tom Linson, the post was structured like a “mini whodunit” and was liked by 193,000 people on Instagram and 300,000 people on Twitter.

But he said there was no irrefutable or direct evidence that Vardy was the culprit.

Rooney’s lawyer, who must prove that her accusations are essentially true or in the public interest, says the case was essentially about betrayal.

They claim that Vardy has launched a removal campaign to get rid of media files and WhatsApp messages.

In a twist that Agatha Christie himself may have approved, Vardy’s agent Caroline Watt’s phone reached the bottom of the North Sea after she accidentally dropped it on the side of the boat.

“There is no removal campaign,” Tomlinson said, saying that the message that existed favored Vardy.

The trial is scheduled for last week and both the woman and Wayne Rooney will provide evidence. British “WAGatha Christie” football wife defamation trial begins

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