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Britney Spears marries Sam Asgari after ex-husband Jason Alexander gate crashes

Los Angeles — Britney Spears married his fiancé Sam Asgari. Seven months after she was released from her guardianship, which she said she prevented her marriage.

The couple tied a knot at an intimate ceremony in California on Thursday.

However, preparations were suspended when Jason Alexander, who was temporarily married to a pop star, was arrested on suspicion of a gate crash in 2004.

He streamed the video on Instagram Live before the ceremony, apparently before being tackled from within her home.

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office said PA Media Communications had a quarrel with security guards and Alexander was charged with four misdemeanors: trespassing, batteries, and vandalism.

A police spokesman said, “He was able to find a way to property and faced guards.”

“There was a quarrel with the guards, where the battery broke … and the item broke during the quarrel, causing vandalism. And being on private land causes trespassing.”

Alexander married his childhood friend Spears within 55 hours in 2004.

His video showed him walking in her house looking for her, and the finishing touches entering the marquee, which is placed on a large display of roses. He claimed that Spears had invited him, saying, “She is my first wife and my only wife.”

The ceremony took place late Thursday and reportedly included stars such as Madonna, Paris Hilton and Drew Barrymore among the guests. The photo is not shown, but Donatella Versace designed the wedding dress.

However, Spears’ father, mother, and sister were reportedly not expected to attend the wedding after the relationship collapsed due to the adult guardianship system.

In November, 40-year-old Spears was released from the controversial 13-year guardian who saw his father Jamie dominate many aspects of her life.

Last year she told the court that it meant “we couldn’t get married and have a baby.”

Jamie Spears previously stated that an adult guardianship was “necessary” for her daughter’s mental health, but agreed that it was time for her to “regain control of her life.”

In April of this year she announced she was pregnant, but the following month she announced she had a miscarriage.

Spears met 28-year-old personal trainer Asgari in 2016 on a set of music videos for the Slumber Party.

In a BBC Persian interview a month before the announcement of her pregnancy, Asgari said the plan to get married and have children “should have happened three years ago.”

The couple got engaged in September last year, two months before the end of the adult guardianship system.

Asgari representative Brandon Cohen confirmed the couple’s marital relationship with the Associated Press on Thursday.

He said, “I am very ecstatic that this day has come. They are married. I know he has always wanted this. He is very considerate and supportive at every stage. I have. “

Asgari is the star’s third husband. After Alexander, she married Kevin Federline from 2004 to 2007. — BBC

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