Britney Spears’ social media dump of nude photos is causing concern Pop icon is “crying for help”


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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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MIA “Rosiya Segodnya”

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In early May, pop icon Britney Spears clashed with her father, Jamie, who had been in charge of her protection for 13 years until last year. She claimed in a social media post that he made her feel “ugly,” and she accused him of ruining the “deep seed” of her existence.

She posted on Instagram * Expecting a baby Along with her partner Sam Asgari, American pop star Britney Spears has raised concerns among her more than 40 million followers.

Spears, 40, posted six nude photos of the same pose on her official Instagram account and humbly hid herself with a pink heart emoji.

The vocalist of “Baby One More Time,” who already has two teenage sons in her marriage to Kevin Federline, added the following message to her post:

“A photo dump of the last time I was in Mexico before I had a baby … why do I look 10 years younger on vacation?”

The photo “Dump” came just a few days ago after Spears posted a nude photo of her holding a dog Sawyer.

Fans’ reactions were divided as they were asked why celebrities kept posting their nude images randomly.

Some even suggested that Spears, freed from the controversial adult guardianship of last 13 years, needed expert help.

In the comments section, fans claimed that Britney Spears appeared to be “ill” and “crying for help.”

Others pointed out that “it was implemented because of the adult guardianship system.”

Yet others were afraid that the singer’s irregular behavior could “hurt” her children.

Users were divided on Twitter as well. Some praised the toxic singer as “regaining control.”

It was the singer’s social media posts that put all of their efforts into a large public campaign to end her. Adult guardianship..

Under an arrangement set in 2008, his father, Jamie Spears, managed her personal and financial problems and even had contraceptive problems for over a decade.

Spears applied for adult guardianship for her daughter, claiming she wasn’t legally competent enough to make her own decisions after neurological weakness after splitting from Kevin Federline in 2007.

The adult guardianship system continued until November 2021, and judges officially terminated the adult guardianship system after being exposed to a bomb that Britney had been psychologically suffering from the restrictions associated with the adult guardianship system in court for years. bottom. The singer told the court that her adult guardianship was “abuseful,” and she demanded that her officials, including her father, be imprisoned.

Britney Spears blames her father for ruining the “psychological damage” and “deep seeds” of her existence

In a recent Instagram post, Pop Icon accused her father of ruining the “deep seed” of her existence.

“My dad always made me feel like I had to try … try … try … try !!! BIGTIME !!! He ruined the deep seeds of my existence Did … the seed that made me feel as beautiful as I was 13 … my self-confidence … my stolen … my inner dialogue … and yes even my sex life. .. everything was completely ruined !!! “she wrote.

* Instagram is banned in Russia over radical activities Britney Spears’ social media dump of nude photos is causing concern Pop icon is “crying for help”

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