Brunei, Malaysia to reopen land borders tomorrow: What you need to know

BANDAR SERI BEGAWAN – Brunei is preparing reopen land and sea borders Tomorrow (August 1), after banning non-essential travel for more than two years, Malaysia and

Even though it’s a country Air travel resumed in Aprilofficials waited to reopen borders until they could safely monitor the large influx of travelers expected each day.

is more than 4.1 million foreign tourists arrive In 2019, there were 333,244 in the air, compared to land and sea.

The Immigration and National Registration Service new border control system While using biometric data such as fingerprints and facial recognition, Royal Customs and Excise New $3 tax For all cross-border travelers.

Prime Minister’s Office saidMaritime checkpoints will be open daily from 6am to 6pm during the initial phase of reopening.

However, for foreign commercial vehicles, the cut-off time for transiting Kuala Lula and Sungai Tuju is 3pm. On the other hand, the cut-off time for entry via Rab and Ujung Jalan in Temburong is 4pm.

Introduction of “cap”

All travelers, including pedestrians and bus passengers, must pay the fee. $3 service charge, known as “CaP” before leaving or entering Brunei. It costs $6 per person to return.

Cap can be paid online. doorway system portalPayment must be made prior to arrival at the border crossing and a QR code will be issued to each traveler.

For bus passengers, it is the bus operator’s and driver’s responsibility to ensure that all passengers have paid for the cap.

What documents are required before crossing the border?

Here’s a handy checklist for everything

Passport/travel document. Make sure they are in good condition and valid for at least 6 months before your travel date. There should be enough blank pages to avoid problems at immigration.

Immunization record. Download from the BruHealth app or bring your yellow vaccination booklet. All foreigners entering Brunei are required to have at least two doses of the COVID vaccine. Brunei Citizens and Permanent Residents Must Be Boosted That means getting at least three doses of the COVID vaccine.

travel insurance. All travelers entering Brunei are required to purchase travel insurance. Minimum compensation of $20,000. This applies to both foreigners, Brunei citizens and residents. Even if you go to Miri on a day trip, travel insurance is a must.

Entry and exit system (EES) QR code. This code is issued upon payment of a $3 service charge (Cap) online. Portal. Kiosks will also be installed at each control post for those in need of assistance.

Download MySejahtera AppMalaysian authorities are asking all inbound travelers to Download MySejahtera App Upload biodata and vaccination records.

Do not forget to bring taxable goods You have to declare them and make a payment at the customs checkpoint. cash or debit/credit card. Brunei, Malaysia to reopen land borders tomorrow: What you need to know

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