Brussels bullish on Portugal’s 2022 GDP growth

The European Commission has revised this year’s growth forecast for Portugal’s gross domestic product to 6.5%, up 0.7 percentage points. This means that according to published macroeconomic forecasts, it is the European Union member states that are seen to be expanding their economies most rapidly. today.

The Commission’s new forecast for GDP growth of 6.5% is more optimistic than the Portuguese government’s forecast of growth of 4.9%, up from the May forecast of 5.8%.

Also, Portugal’s economy is growing faster than any other EU economy, as well as faster than the entire eurozone, where GDP is expected to grow 2.6% and the EU average is 2.7%. It also shows that.

However, the Commission was very pessimistic about Portugal’s growth next year, reducing it from the May forecast of 2.7% to 1.9%.

The Commission is currently the most optimistic of the major national and international organizations regarding Portugal’s GDP growth this year.

The growth rate of the Bank of Portugal is 6.3%, the International Monetary Fund is 5.8%, the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development is 5.4%, and the Portuguese Finance Council is 4.8%.

Source: LUSA Brussels bullish on Portugal’s 2022 GDP growth

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