Brussels fire department tackled 19 electric vehicle fires in 2021

Bruzz reports that the Brussels fire brigade had to intervene 19 times in the area last year due to a fire involving electric vehicles such as scooters and cars.

A fire department spokesman said fires in electric vehicles were especially dangerous. If the battery also catches fire, the fire brigade must submerge the battery in the water for an extended period of time to extinguish the fire completely. For example, in April, about 30 electric scooters ignited and fire brigades submerged them in water containers.

The fire brigade also purchased a special large container for immersing the electric vehicle. We also acquired a “telehandler,” a type of lift, to extract burnout and burnout vehicles from underground parking lots. The fire brigade also works with Forest’s Audi plant, which provides containers.

With the hope of reducing the risk of electric vehicle fires in underground parking lots, the fire brigade is currently consulting with authorities at the local and federal levels to develop their safety legislation. For example, the fire brigade does not want to provide a fast charger, electric vehicles are not parked below level -1, and smoke detectors and sprinklers must be provided. “We are also aware that the technology is evolving, and we look forward to improving the battery,” a spokeswoman said.

Nevertheless, the number of fires involving electric vehicles remains fairly limited compared to fires involving non-electric vehicles. According to the fire department, there are one or two car fires a day in the area, and spokespersons say they often ignite intentionally. Brussels fire department tackled 19 electric vehicle fires in 2021

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