BSP suspends talks that “we will continue to change” and demands that Kiril Petkov not become prime

BSP leader Kornelia Ninova @ Dnevnik

Within 24 hours Expulsion Of the 70 Russian diplomats BSP Leader Cornelia Ninova Bulgarian Socialist PartyContinue to change“Forming a cabinet. After a joint session of the left-wing government and its parliamentary group, the party decided that it was ready to continue discussions on the new government only if Kiril Petkov was not the prime minister.

Ninova He repeated some of her papers on Facebook yesterday, stating that such a decision by the Prime Minister was unprecedented. She reiterated that the decision to prosecute a diplomat was made solely by Petkov, not by the Council of Ministers. According to her, this could lead to a break in diplomatic relations with Russia.

“”‘Stop all negotiations withContinue to change‘Form a new government. Once again, Kiril Petkov makes individual decisions on issues that have a profound impact on national and international national policies. So far, we have shown tolerance and understanding in the name of a common goal. We have embarked on a change in the Bulgarian governance model. This is also such a decision, so we will return to the negotiation table if:Continue to change‘And another prime minister proposes itNinova Added.

She called on those who claimed that the Council of Ministers had decided to expel Russian diplomats to provide evidence of this. According to her, there is one place where you can solve the problem, the Diet.

“”I would like to hear from the Head of State (SANS) about a private session of Parliament and a report prepared by the Head of State. He seems to have submitted only to Kiril Petkov.“The Minister of Economy, who resigned, added.

She is also of President Rumen Radev speech Before the start of the NATO summit in Madrid this morning. According to her, he is also not familiar with the SANS report he was worried about. Therefore, she called on him to convene a meeting of the National Security Advisory Board (NSAC).

“”If the president does not know that there is such a SANS report, there is something wrong with the country. SANS must prepare such a report and send it to the President, Prime Minister and Speaker of the House of Representatives. The president doesn’t know.According to public information, it’s a matter of espionage and that’s why it’s most appropriate to convene an NSAC meeting.Ninova Said.

therefore, BSP The leader placed a party next to “there are such people,” who until recently was a coalition partner, and requested new negotiations. CabinetContinue to change“Please give another name for the prime minister. A few days ago, Kiril Petkov announced that he was most likely a candidate for the prime minister of his party.

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/ Dnevnik BSP suspends talks that “we will continue to change” and demands that Kiril Petkov not become prime

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