BTC – Eye Witness News with the goal of completing the fiber expansion project by the end of 2023

The Bahamas, Nassau-The Bahamas Telecom Communications Company (BTC) says it plans to add an additional 3,000 homes to the Fiber Network and complete the Fiber Expansion project by the end of 2023.

Shantell Cox-Hutchinson

Shantell Cox-Hutchinson’s Director of Technology Operations said: By providing a personal fiber connection directly to the customer’s home, the customer can experience the best connection. Over the last two months, we’ve upgraded the infrastructure of over 10 communities.

“As summer gets into full swing, upgrading to fiber services will allow your child to do everything they love, including games, streaming, downloads, and content uploads, while still enough to stay connected. You can secure a lot of bandwidth. “

The newly upgraded community includes the Back of Town (Grand Bahama), Dorsett Subdivision, Domingo Heights, Joan’s Heights, Meeting Street, Blue Hill, Kennedy Subdivision, Soldier Road, and additional parts of the Tropical Gardens.

“As a result of the pandemic, many people work in a hybrid environment, spending a few days in the office and working at home the other day,” says Cox-Hutchinson.

“Fiber connections make it easier for customers to work remotely. Our fully integrated service suite provides all the connections you need at one affordable price, whether at home or on the go. You can stay connected using the BTC bundle, which includes ultra-fast fiber speeds, unlimited landlines including calls to the US, UK, and Canada, TV channels, and mobile voice at the highest rates. Includes data services. Without discussion. Even better, for a limited time, sign up for and receive a free Samsung tablet. It’s a summer vacation for you and your loved ones. Great for gifts. ”

Cox-Hutchison said the company’s fiber expansion project is expected to be completed by the end of 2023 as it promises to fully fiberize New Providence and Grand Bahama.

“Eastern New Providence is 100% fiberized and we plan to disable the copper network in the coming months, so we are aggressively migrating our customers from legacy technology to fiber services,” Cox-Hutchinson said. Added. BTC – Eye Witness News with the goal of completing the fiber expansion project by the end of 2023

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